MEAT PROGRAM FOR VETERANS IN NEED-Since 2008 we have provided free meat to over 2,000 veterans and families of vets, National Guard families, etc. This is possible via our coordination with Oregon State Police, Oregon Fish and Wildlife, Sport hunter donations. Game handed out to date; Bear, Duck, Elk, and Deer.


OPERATION HOMEFRONT SCHOOL-Prior to the school year starting, hand out Items for children of Vets and Military 

families, Items for school, pens, pencils, paper, etc., in concert with (Dollar Store)


OPERTION HOMEFRONT CHRISTMAS- in concert with Dollar Store, at Christmas, gifts for children

for Military, Vets, and others in need that might not enjoy Christmas gifts without these generous donations. Read More Click here!

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2020 Golf Tournament!


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Wildlife Advocacy for Veterans

VFW Post 2468 Officers

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A Letter about H.R.4031

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